the roaring 20's

no house, no husband, no kids, not even a dog

ask coworker a question. see coworker laboring for an answer.

"CoWorker is typing…."

"CoWorker has entered text…."

"CoWorker is typing…."


"CoWorker is typing….."

in the meantime, i’ve decided this is not worth it and moved on.

On Giving Up Facebook For Lent

For those who have texted and emailed asking if I’m alright given my disappearance from Facebook: definitely. Corrie got rid of her’s, and I’m a follower, so I deactivated mine as well. 

I forgot to decide on something to sacrifice for Lent. So I just went with it.

As much as you would love to hear me stand up and witness about how I am now free of comparing my life to others or how I no longer have to be bothered by the never ending stream of baby pictures…nah, I just don’t really miss it.

In Response To The Interventions

It came to my attention over Christmas that my friends and family back home believe that I am solidly on the path to dying alone. This came in the form of several distinct intervention style conversations, expressing concern for my happiness. Apparently I don’t do a sufficient job of leaving a paper trail on Facebook and social media of my delightful little life.

So to set the minds of many caring and well-intentioned loved ones at ease, I’ve decided to devote a bit of time to outlining my life up here in St Paul, Minnesota.

To catch you up to speed:

  • Jan 2009: Move to Minnesota with a boy. The first week I am here, it is -20 degrees. I didn’t know that was possible.
  • Jan 2009 - Jan 2011: Lots of trial and error, hot mess, figuring myself out….out in the western suburbs, next to a big snowy lake. During that time, yes, you probably should have been praying for my sanity and survival.
  • July 2011: Aforementioned boy decides to take a job in California. I stay. We break up. He moves to the west coast, I move to St Paul, ironically staying in a state that has the propensity to dump 10 inches of snow at a time.

At the end of the month, I celebrate my golden birthday: 28. Quite frankly, I didn’t know that I would survive this long. My college days were kind of dumb, and my directly post-college days weren’t a lot brighter. I’ve evolved somewhat and survived, though.

I’m quite pleased with how things are going. I’ve avoided marriage so far, started a nice collection of life experiences, grown professionally, learned who I am and figured out steps I want to take over the next couple years. I look forward to my 30’s, where I believe I will really hit my stride.

So for those friends who are concerned: I genuinely appreciate the thoughts and prayers for my happiness. But this was really the plan. I’m quite happy. And intent on convincing you of that over the next little spell of blogging.

Coors light and fishing

Coors light and fishing

sometimes your weekend just doesn’t go the way you planned. toss the plans in the garbage and go day drinking on a golf cart.

sometimes your weekend just doesn’t go the way you planned. toss the plans in the garbage and go day drinking on a golf cart.

ferris bueller day

giraffes, gardens, snow cones

away for the weekend

Sometimes you just need to disappear off the grid for a weekend. There’s something about driving/hiking as far as you can within sunlight hours to get as far as you can away from people.

Sometimes you just need to disappear off the grid for a weekend. There’s something about driving/hiking as far as you can within sunlight hours to get as far as you can away from people.

I could almost love this state.

I could almost love this state.

one week out: reasons to run boston

one week from this moment, i will be on the homestretch of the boston marathon, getting dangerously close to heartbreak hill. i’ll be gearing up for my 3rd gu. my legs will hurt. i’ll be discouraged. i’ll be tired and cursing the pace that i set.

a week out from that *lovely* moment, i’m sitting at my desk with my stomach churning the lunch i forced myself to eat. i have pre-pre-pre-pre-race jitters. i am nervous. as completely thankful i am for the opportunity to do this, i am terrified.

i had to look up the list of reasons i sent to running buddy 4 months ago telling her why we should do this:

1. we are go big or go home kind of people. not boring people. or the kind of people that put 13.1 on the back of their car like they did something.
2. paul is running a 50k in april. we need to do something bigger and better.
3. we’ll condition thru the end of dec, building mileage. we’ll be ready to go jan 1.
4. i bought 3 pair of cute running tights for this, and they really can’t go to waste.
5. this is absolutely, totally doable.
6. as the yoga guy says whilst making us do an additional minute of chair pose, how you do one thing (such as chair pose…or boston) is how you do everything else in life. yeah, chew on that for a sec.
7. studies consistently show that boston marathon finishers have a higher trophy wife rating than any other demographic.
8. while i am training for a marathon, i can drink dark, heavy beer and not feel guilty…carb loading.
9. you will be that girl running the lakes with a boston marathon tshirt on that everyone else is jealous of
10. i have to do this bc so far this month, one brother provided another grand daughter, the other brother has taken over a huge dept of defense contract, my sister is graduating with her masters and got engaged and the other sister won 2 full ride scholarships. i’m slipping pretty low in the rankings, and i need to give my parents a reason to continue loving me.
11. the outside chance that erin andrews will be there. hope and a prayer.
12. i just got semi-dumped. the karma for lots of running is much safer than rebounding on unsuspecting boys.
13. boston is net-elevation downhill = easier than any marathon you’ve run
14. this is your dream marathon
15. 99.9% of the other runners you pass every saturday morning just wish they could do this.
16. the very worst that could happen is we die. and, considering we’re all going to die at some point, what better way to go than running the boston marathon??
17. we don’t have to train on olympic heights. we probs aren’t going to win as neither of us (presumably) has any sort of african blood. so we can do this on our own terms and set our own PRs.
18. life finds plenty of way to be a btch. when it actually throws you a solid, you’ve got to take it and run with it. pun intended.
19. it will be in april in boston. fenway!
20. ku will have just lost in the tournament, and i’m going to need an emotional crutch.
21. when you finish it, you’ll have the option to quit running. (i kid. we both know you won’t)
22. you get a free pair of shoes!! bingo!
23. if we make the video cast of the race, for some reason, can we def flash the camera?
24. carb loading in boston.
25. you’ll probably make the family christmas letter
26. it’s the boston freaking marathon.

hopefully i’ll be able to eat something between now and then….